KITP Program: Towards Classically Intractable Quantum Simulations of Physics and Chemistry
(Jan 3 - Feb 25, 2022)
Coordinators: Ryan Babbush, Bela Bauer, Bryan K. Clark, and Elizabeth Crosson
Scientific Advisors: Sergey Bravyi, Fernando Brandão, Francesco Evangelista

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Speakers: Please contact us about file upload for your slides.

Time Speaker Title
1/04, 9:00 AM Nathan Wiebe
Univ. of Toronto
The Future of Quantum Chemistry Simulation Algorithms[Video][CC]
1/06, 9:00 AM Sophia Economou
Virginia Tech
Building symmetries into adaptive variational algorithms[Video][CC][Chat]
1/06, 9:50 AM Francesco Evangelista
Unitary coupled cluster trial states and projective quantum algorithms[Video][CC]
1/10, 9:00 AM All Participants Informal meeting[Video][CC]
1/11, 9:00 AM Bill Fefferman
U. Chicago
On the hardness of random quantum circuits[Video][CC]
1/13, 9:00 AM Ashley Montanaro
Observing ground-state properties of the Fermi-Hubbard model using a scalable algorithm on a quantum computer[Video][CC]
1/13, 9:50 AM Tom O'Brien
Google Research
Learning molecular structure from NMR spectra with a quantum computer[Video][CC]
1/18, 9:00 AM Roger Melko
U. Waterloo
Quantum simulation with Rydberg atom array[Slides][Video][CC]
1/20, 9:00 AM Kianna Wan
A randomised quantum algorithm for phase estimation[Video][CC]
1/20, 9:50 AM Artur Izmaylov
Univ. of Toronto
Quantum Measurements in the NISQ Algorithms[Video][CC]
1/24, 9:00 AM All Participants Organizational meeting[Video][CC]
1/25, 9:00 AM Isaac Kim
UC Davis
Circuit depth vs energy density: with and without long range entanglement[Video][CC]
1/27, 9:00 AM William Huggins
Unbiasing Fermionic Quantum Monte Carlo with a Quantum Computer
1/27, 9:50 AM Sonika Johri
IonQ Inc
Running algorithms on trapped ion quantum computers
2/01, 9:00 AM Kristan Temme
Probabilistic error cancellation with sparse Pauli-Lindblad models on noisy quantum processors
2/03, 9:00 AM Di Fang
Time-dependent Hamiltonian Simulation of Highly Oscillatory Dynamics
2/03, 9:50 AM Abhinav Kandala
Scalable error mitigation for noisy quantum circuits produces competitive expectation values
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