KITP Program: Gravitational Holography
(Jan 6 - Mar 26, 2020)
Coordinators: Xi Dong, Tom Faulkner, and Veronika Hubeny
Scientific Advisors: Juan Maldacena and Eva Silverstein

Time Speaker Title
3/17, 3:30pm Ning Bao
Berkeley/Brookhaven National Lab & KITP
(Hyper) Graph Theory and Quantum Entanglement[Podcast][Video]
3/16, 1:30pm Larus Thorlacius
University of Iceland & KITP
Semi-classical black holes and quantum information[Video]
3/13, 3:30pm Gustavo Turiaci
Statistical Mechanics of Near-Extremal Black Holes[Podcast][Video]
3/12, 1:30pm James Sully
ETH and Disorder Averaging in Gravity[Podcast][Video]
3/11, 10:30am Matthew Headrick
Brandeis Univ.
Discussion: Bit threads[Podcast][Video]
3/10, 1:30pm Alex Maloney
McGill Univ.
Pure Gravity and Orbifolds[Podcast][Video]
3/09, 1:30pm All Participants Organizational Meeting
3/06, 9:15am Alex Maloney
McGill University
Discussion: Quantum Gravity beyond Cardy[Podcast][Video]
3/05, 1:30pm Andrea Puhm
Ecole Polytechnique & KITP
Celestial Amplitudes and Flat Space Holography[Podcast][Video]
3/03, 1:30pm Max Rota
Univ. of Amsterdam & KITP
Entropy inequalities in quantum mechanics and holography[Podcast][Video]
3/02, 1:30pm All Participants Organizational Meeting
2/28, 9:15am Thomas Faulkner
Univ. of Illinois & KITP
Discussion: Operator Algebras in QFT for holography[Podcast][Video]
2/27, 1:30pm Thomas Hertog
KU Leuven & KITP
Comments on the no-boundary wavefunction[Podcast][Video]
2/26, 10:30am Djordje Radicevic
(Brandeis & KITP)
William Donnelly
(Perimeter Inst & KITP.)
Defining entanglement and edge modes[Podcast][Video]
2/25, 1:30pm Henry Maxfield
Don Marolf
Baby Universes, Spacetime wormholes, and Black Hole Interiors[Podcast][Video]
2/21, 9:15am Working Group Discussion: Petz map vs. Modular Flow
2/20, 1:30pm Xiaoliang Qi
Random tensor networks and black hole evaporation[Podcast][Video]
2/19, 10:30am Eduardo Teste
Discussion: Energy conditions and c-theorems[Podcast][Video]
2/19, 10:30am Adam Levine
Discussion: Energy conditions and c-theorems[Podcast][Video]
2/18, 1:30pm Eric Perlmutter
Bootstrap v. Swampland: Targets[Podcast][Video]
2/14, 10:30am Tarek Anous
Univ. of Amsterdam & KITP
Approaching holography from a model builder's perspective[Podcast][Video]
2/13, 1:30pm Alejandra Castro
Amsterdam & KITP
nAdS2/nCFT1 applied to near-extreme Kerr[Podcast][Video]
2/12, 10:30am Haoyu Sun
Ling Yan (Janet) Hung
(Fudan Univ. & KITP)
Discussion: An overview of p-adic AdS/CFT and tensor networks reconstruction?[Podcast][Video]
2/11, 1:30pm Stefan Hollands
Univ. Leipzig
Determinism and Quantum Theory inside Black Holes[Slides][Podcast][Video]
2/10, 1:30pm All Participants Organizational Meeting
2/07, 10:30am Roberto Emparan
ICREA & Univ. Barcelona & KITP
Discussion: Physics of Cosmic Censorship violations[Podcast][Video]
2/06, 1:30pm John Preskill & KITP
Robust encoding of the black hole interior - explained[Podcast][Video]
2/05, 10:30am Alex Belin
Sandipan Kundu
(Johns Hopkins)
Conformal Bootstrap and Holography[Podcast][Video]
2/04, 1:30pm Marc Henneaux
Cosmological billiards and near-singularity symmetries: a review[Podcast][Video]
1/31, 10:30am Zhenbin Yang
(Stanford & KITP)
Yiming Chen
(Princeton & KITP)
Discussion: Replica wormholes and de Sitter[Podcast][Video]
1/30, 1:30pm Ted Jacobson
Diffeomorphism invariance and the black hole information paradox[Podcast][Video]
1/29, 10:30am Eva Silverstein
(Stanford & KITP)
Wei Song
(Tsinghua & KITP)
Discussion: the TT bar menu, recommended pairings, and open questions[Podcast][Video]
1/28, 1:30pm Jerome Gauntlett
Imperial College & KITP
Geometric Extremization for Susy AdS/CFT and Black Hole Entropy[Podcast][Video]
1/27, 1:30pm All Participants Organizational Meeting
01/27 12:15pm Ahmed Almheiri
The unreasonable effectiveness of semi-classical gravity[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
1/24, 10:30am Tolya Dymarsky
U Kentucky
Operator growth, Toda chain flow, and chaos[Slides][Podcast][Video]
1/23, 1:30pm Netta Engelhardt (MIT)
Bartek Czech (Tsinghua)
Chris Akers (MIT)
Discussion on Bulk Reconstruction[Podcast][Video]
01/22 6:15pm Ahmed Almheiri
Is Information Thrown into a Black Hole Lost Forever? Resolving Stephen Hawking's Black Hole Information Paradox[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
KITP Friends' Talk
01/22 3:30pm Daniel Harlow
Symmetries in Quantum Fields Theories and Quantum Gravity[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
KITP Colloquium
1/22, 10:30am Xi Yin
Harvard & KITP
D-instantons and the non-perturbative completion of c=1 string theory[Podcast][Video]
1/21, 1:30pm Douglas Stanford
Gary Horowitz
Discussion: Some Open Questions in Quantum Gravity[Podcast][Video]
1/13-17 Conference: Geometry from the Quantum
1/10, 10:30am Phil Saad (Stanford), Henry Maxfield (UCSB), Donald Marolf (UCSB) Replica wormholes and black hole information: Perspectives and Questions (Part 2)[Podcast][Video]
1/09, 1:30pm Raphael Bousso
UC Berkeley
Unitarity from a Smooth Horizon?[Podcast][Video]
1/08, 10:30am Juan Maldacena (IAS), Edgar Shaghoulian (Cornell), Zhenbin Yang (Stanford) Replica wormholes and black hole information: Perspectives and Questions (Part 1)[Podcast][Video]
1/07, 1:30pm Donald Marolf
Black Hole Info 2019: The Page Curve and the Gravitational Path Integral[Podcast][Video]
1/06, 1:30pm All Participants Organizational Meeting

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