Conference on Disorder and Interactions in Quantum Hall

and Mesoscopic Systems

August 9-13, 1998

Coordinators: S. Das Sarma, M.P.A. Fisher, S. Girvin and A. MacDonald

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All sessions in ITP Main Seminar Room, Kohn Hall, unless otherwise indicated.

Sunday, August 9, 1998:

Metal-Insulator Transitions and Localization

Time Speaker Title
8:00 am Registration Lobby, ITP, Kohn Hall
8:45 Welcome
David Gross, ITP Director
S. Das Sarma, Conference Coordinator
Weak and Zero Field
[Chair: Philip Phillips]:
9:00 am S. Kravchenko
Metal-Insulator Transition in 2D Semiconductors: Experiment[Audio]
10:00 S. Chakravarty
The Metal-insulator Transition through the Wigner Glass[Audio]
10:30 Refreshment Break ITP Center Patio
11:00 Chandra M. Varma
Lucent Technologies
Coulomb Interactions near the Metal-Insulator Transition[Audio]
11:30 Xincheng Xie
Oklahoma State
New Liquid Phase and Metal-Insulator Transition in Si MOSFETs[Audio]
12:00 Lunch ITP Center Patio
Strong Field
[Chair: Eduardo Fradkin]:
2:30 John Chalker
University of Oxford
Localization Transitions in 2D and 3D Quantum Hall Systems[Audio]
3:30 Ziqiang Wang
Boston College
Role of Coulomb Interactions at the IQHE Plateau Transition[Audio]
4:00 Refreshment Break ITP Center Patio
4:30 Victor M. Yakovenko
University of Maryland
Integer Quantum Hall Effect in Quasi 1D Organics[Audio]
5:00 Elisabeth G. Gwinn
Transport in Quantum Hall Multilayers[Audio]
5:30 James S. Brooks
Quantum Hall Effect in Multilayer Systems and Organic Conductors[Audio]

Monday, August 10, 1998

Edges, Wires, Nanotubes, Luttinger Liquids

Time Speaker Title
QHE Edges
[Chair: Albert Chang]:
9:00 am Charles L. Kane
University of Penn.
Edge States in the FQHE[Audio]
10:00 Leonid Levitov
Tunneling into Compressible QHE Edges[Audio]
10:30 Refreshment Break ITP Center Patio
11:00 Vladimir J. Goldman
SUNY, Stony Brook
Measuring Fractional Charge[Audio]
11:30 D.C. Glattli
Detection of e/3 FQHE Quasiparticles using Shot Noise[Audio]
12:00 Lunch ITP Center Patio
Tubes, Wires, and Edges
[Chair: Young Baek Kim]:
2:30 Cees Dekker
Delft Univ of Tech
Carbon Nanotubes as Molecular Quantum Wires[Audio]
3:30 Leon M. Balents
Lucent Technologies
Interaction Effects in Carbon Nanotubes[Audio]
4:00 Refreshment Break ITP Center Patio
4:30 Matthew Grayson
Univ of Maryland
Tunneling into a Sharp QHE Edge [Audio]
5:00 Loren Pfeiffer
Lucent Technologies
Quantum Wire Exciton Lasers[Audio]
6:00 Poster Session
with Refreshments
ITP Main Seminar Room
7:30 Buffet Dinner ITP Center Patio

Tuesday, August 11, 1998

Composite Fermions [Chair: Nick Read]

Time Speaker Title
9:00 am Robert L. Willett
Lucent Technologies
Probing Composite Fermions via Ultrasound[Audio]
9:30 R. Shankar
Yale University
Hamiltonian Description of Composite Fermions[Audio]
10:00 Dung-Hai Lee
Neutral Fermions at Half Filling[Audio]
10:30 Refreshment Break ITP Center Patio
11:00 F. Duncan M. Haldane
Princeton University
Theory of the Half-filled Landau Level [Audio]
11:30 Laurent Levy
LCMI, Grenoble
Magnetization Oscillations at Fractional Filling Factors[Audio]
12:00 Lunch ITP Center Patio
Drag in the Quantum Hall Regime:
[Chair: Catherine Kallin]:
2:45 James P. Eisenstein
Coulomb Drag in the Fractional Quantum Hall Regime[Audio]
3:30 Refreshment Break ITP Center Patio
4:00 Ady Stern
Weizmann Institute
Coulomb Drag at the Half-filled Landau Level[Audio]
4:30 Thomas J. Gramila
Penn State
Coulomb Drag in the Integer Quantum Hall Regime[Audio]

Wednesday, August 12, 1998

Time Speaker Title
More Quantum Hall Physics
[Chair: Efrat Shimshoni (Tentative)]:
9:00 am Uri Sivan
Coupled Electron-hole Layers in the QHE Regime [Audio]
9:30 Hong-Wen Jiang
Phase Transitions in a Two-Dimensional Hole Gas System as B Tends to Zero[Audio]
10:00 Refreshment Break ITP Center Patio
Ultra Small Superconducting Grains:
10:30 Michael Tinkham
Superconductivity in Ultra Small Grains: Experiment and Elementary Theory[Audio]
11:00 Konstantin Matveev
Duke University
Superconductivity in Ultra Small Grains: Theory[Audio]
12:00 Beach BBQ/Picnic Goleta Beach, Area A
Afternoon Free

Thursday, August 13, 1998

Spins in the QHE [Chair: Doug Rajaraman]

Time Speaker Title
8:00 am Herbert A. Fertig
Univ of Kentucky
Skyrmions and Skryme Crystals in Quantum Hall Ferromagnets[Audio]
9:00 Sean E. Barrett
Yale University
NMR in the Quantum Hall Regime[Audio]
9:30 Refreshment Break ITP Center Patio
10:00 Subir Sachdev
Yale University
Quantum Hall Ferromagnets and Antiferromagnets[Audio]
11:00 Aron Pinczuk
Lucent Technologies
Spectroscopy of Quantum Phase Transitions in 2D Electron Systems[Audio]
11:30 Bertrand I. Halperin
Harvard University
Conference Summary[Audio]
12:30 Lunch ITP Center Patio
2:00 Conference Ends


S. Applebaum, R. Dynes, C. Aufentauschegg, H. Wieder, K. West, L. Pfeiffer
"Cutting Edge Transport in the Integer Quantum Hall State: 1D Pseudowires"

A. Bergara
"Quadratic Electronic Response of a Two Dimensional Electron Gas"

H. Bruus
"The 0.7 Conductance Anomaly in Quantum Point Contacts"

P. Burke, J. Eisenstein, X. Peralta, S.J. Allen, L. Pfeiffer, K. West
"High Frequency Quantum Transport in High Mobility 2DEGs"

A. Chudnovsky and S. Ulloa
"Integer QHE in Coupled Layers with Different Bandwidths"

A. Furusaki
"Anderson Localization in Random Magnetic Field"

B. Hu
"The Quantum Frenkel-Kontorova Model: A Squeezed-State Approach"

T. Gramila, S. Zelakiewicz, H. Noh, T. Ragucci, L. Pfeiffer, and K. West
"Testing Composite Fermions with Phonon Drag"

K. Ishikawa, N. Maeda, T. Ochiai, and H. Suzuki
"Von Neumann Lattice Field Theory: Bloch Wave Basis and Wannier Function Basis in a Strong Magnetic Field"

M. Lilly, K. Cooper, J. Eisenstein, L. Pfeiffer, and K. West
"Transport Anomalies in High Landau Levels"

J. Oaknin
"Skyrmions as Spin Waves Bound to Unbalanced Quanta of Magnetic Flux"

Y. Oreg
"The Competition between Zero Bias Anomaly and Proximity Effect in Disordered Systems"

P. Phillips, Y. Wan, I. Martin, S. Krysh, and D. Dalidovich
"Superconductivity in a 2DEG"

J. Quinn and A. Wojs
"Mean Field Composite Fermion Description of Fractional Quantum Hall States: Why it is Qualitatively Correct"

J. Rubio
"Bistability and Optical Switching in Quantum Wire Lasers"

R.A.J. van Elburg and K. Schoutens
"Quasi-particles for FQHE Edge Theories"

S. Xiong
"Edge Effects in Mesoscopic Conductors"

V. Yakovenko
"Coherence of Tunneling between 1D Luttinger Liquids"

V. Yakovenko
"Hopf Term for a 2D Electron Gas"

Y. Yaish, O. Prus, E. Buchstab, U. Sivan, P.M. Solomon, and G. Ben Joseph
"The Correlation Energy of 2D Fermions"

J. Yoon, C. Li, D. Shahar, C. Tsui, and M. Shayegan
"Wigner Crystallization and Metal-insulator Transition of Two-dimensional Holes in GaAs at B=0"

U. Zuelicke and A. MacDonald
"Reconstruction and Umklapp Scattering at Quantum-Hall Edges"

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