KITP Program: New Directions in Quantum Metrology
(Sep 11 - Oct 13, 2023)
Coordinators: Andrew N. Jordan, Klaus Mølmer and Marianna Safronova

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Time Speaker Title
9/11, 3:30pm Andrew Jordan
Chapman University
Meet and Greet - Welcome to the program
9/12, 11:00am Luiz Davidovich
Texas A&M
Quantum metrology of open systems[Video][CC]
9/12, 3:30pm Luiz Davidovich
Texas A&M
Open Discussion: Quantum Metrology basics and open questions
9/13, 11:00am Mankei Tsang
National University of Singapore
Resolving starlight: a quantum perspective[Video][CC]
9/14, 11:00am Kater Murch
Washington University, St. Louis
Beyond Heisenberg Scaling in Quantum Metrology[Slides][Video][CC]
9/14, 3:30pm Mankei Tsang
National University of Singapore
Open Discussion: Quantum inspired methods for overcoming optical bounds
9/19, 10:30am David Leibrandt
Quantum metrology algorithms for optical clock applications[Video][CC]
9/19, 3:30pm David Leibrandt
Open Discussion: Atoms and Molecules for Metrology
9/20, 10:30am David A. Shukur
Quantum information about unknown parameters can be compressed unboundedly without loss[Video][CC]
9/21, 10:30am John Howell
Chapman University
Do you really understand gyroscopes? Probably not.[Video][CC]
9/21, 3:30pm David A. Shukur
Open Discussion: Quantum information applied to metrology
9/25, 12:15pm Andrew Jordan
Introduction to quantum metrology
KITP Blackboard Lunch
9/26, 11:00am Areeya Chantasri
Mahidol University
Measurement, estimation, and control, all continuously in time
9/26, 3:30pm Areeya Chantasti
Mahidol University
Open discussion: Continuous time metrology
9/27, 11:00am Mark Mitchison
Trinity College
Quantum thermodynamics and precision measurement
9/28, 11:00am Andrei Derevianko
Atomic clocks as quantum sensors
9/28, 3:30pm Andrei Derevianko
Open discussion: Clock-based sensors
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