Schedule Mar 23, 2007
SN~2002cv: A Heavily Obscured Type Ia Event
Nancy Elias (MPA, Garching)

We present VRIJHK photometry, four optical and three near-IRspectra of the extincted Type Ia SN 2002cv, located in thenearby NGC 3190, the same parent galaxy of the Type Ia supernovaSN 2002bo. SN 2002cv, not visible in the bluer bands, has anextinction of ~ 8 mag in the V band. Nonetheless, we were ableto study the light curves from -10 to +207 days after I maximum,the spectral evolution and its main parameters, as for example:Imax = 16.57 +- 0.10, Mmax(I) = -18.12 +- 0.34 andDm15(B) = 1.46 +- 0.17. In order to derive this last parameter,we used relations between the Dm15(B) and Dm40(I) or between thedistance in days from the I peaks (Dtmax(I)). Moreover, like inother highly extinguished SNe Ia, a small value for Rv has beenobtained for SN 2002cv, which may imply variation in the grainsize in the local ISM.

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