Schedule Mar 23, 2007
Multi-dimensional Simulations of Helium Shell Flash Convection
Falk Herwig (Keele Univ.)

by F. Herwig, B. Freytag, R. M. Hueckstaedt and F. Timmes

The Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) phase is the most productive evolutionary phase in terms of nucleosynthesis for low and intermediate mass stars. Nucleosynthesis in these stars is intimately linked to the mixing and heating triggered by recurrent He-shell flashes. We report on 2- and 3-dimensional hydrodynamic simulations of convective mixing in AGB He-shell flashes. We find, for example, that convective motions induce a rich spectrum of internal gravity waves in the neighboring stable layers, and that a finite and quantifyable amount of mixing across the convective boundary (similar to overshooting) takes place.

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