KITP Seminar Series:
Morphogenesis: in search of principles

(Jan 20 - Jun 16, 2021)
Coordinators: Eyal Karzbrun and Noah Mitchell
Scientific Advisor: Boris Shraiman

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Speakers: Please contact us about file upload for your slides.

Time Speaker Title
1/20, 8:00am Anna Erzberger
EMBL, Heidelberg
First a war then a dance: How sensory organs take shape[Video]
2/17, 8:00am Danelle Devenport
Coordinating tissue polarity and morphogenesis across biological scales[Video][Transcript]
3/24, 8:00am Mariela Petkova
Decoding positional information in the developing fly embryo[Video]
4/21, 8:00am Eran Sharon
Hebrew Univ.
A growing leaf as a sheet of an active solid[Video][CC][Transcript]
5/19, 8:00am Nipam Patel
MBL, U. Chicago
Morphogenesis on the Nanoscale: Structural Coloration in Butterflies[Video][CC]
6/16, 8:00am Matt Gibson
Stowers Institute
Ancient origins of animal metamerism: HOX-dependent tissue segmentation in the sea anemone Nematostella[Embargoed]
7/14, 8:00am Celeste Nelson
Many ways to build a tree: lessons in branching morphogenesis[Embargoed]
8/25, 8:00am James Sharpe
EMBL Barcelona
On Growth and Form: Combining imaging and computer modeling to understand where 3D anisotropy comes from during morphogenesis of the mouse limb bud[Video]
9/22, 8:00am Carl-Philipp Heisenberg
IST Austria
Cell and tissue mechanics in zebrafish gastrulation[Video]
10/20, 8:00am Sigolene Meilhac
Institut Pasteur
Shaping the heart tube to establish a double flow[Protected][Video]
11/10, 8:00am John Wallingford
University of Texas at Austin
Body Sculpting: How the vertebrate embryo constructs itself[Video]