KITP Program: Towards a Physical Understanding of Tidal Disruption Events
(Apr 22 - May 17, 2024)
Coordinators: Kate Alexander, Eric Coughlin, Decker French, Suvi Gezari, and Chris Nixon

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Time Speaker Title
4/23-4/26 Conference: Anticipating the Rising Tide of Tidal Disruption Events: Theory and Observations
4/29, 1:30pm All Participants Meet & Greet
4/30, 9:30am Dheeraj Pasham
Thomas Wevers
Matt Nicholl
(Queen's University Belfast)
Optical and X-ray properties of TDEs: challenges and opportunities with upcoming surveys[Video][CC]
4/30, 11:15am Megan Masterson
Highly Variable AGN & Connections to TDEs: The Curious Case of 1ES 1927+654[Embargoed]
4/30, 11:45am Jane Dai
University of Hong Kong
Detecting IMBH and Pop III stars from TDEs[Video][CC]
5/01, 9:30am Rob Eyles-Ferris
University of Leicester
Lobsters and exotic tidal disruption events[Video][CC]
5/01, 10:00am Elena Rossi
Leiden University
Gravitational Waves from TDEs[Video][CC]
5/01, 10:30am Lucio Mayer
University of Zurich
Clumpy galaxies at cosmic noon as a nursery of TDEs and Exascale-ready particle-based hydrodynamical codes[Video][CC]
5/02, 9:30am Brian Metzger
Columbia University
What makes the light in TDEs?[Video][CC]
5/02, 11:15am Xiaoshan Huang
The bright thing, the dark thing... How do we get all this? Numerical Approaches to Radiation Transfer[Video][CC]
5/02, 11:45am Giuseppe Lodato
Univ. of Milan
A simple analytical solution for debris evolution in a TDE[Video][CC]
5/03, 2:00pm Sara Rastello
ICC Univ. Barcelona
Micro-TDEs in Star Clusters[Video][CC]
5/03, 2:30pm All participants Bring your favorite TDE
5/06, 12:15pm Brenna Mockler
Carnegie Observatories
Lighting up Supermassive Black Holes with Tidal Disruption Events
KITP Blackboard Lunch
5/06, 1:30pm All Participants Meet and Greet
5/07, 9:30am Yuhan Yao
(UC Berkeley)
Iair Arcavi
(Tel Aviv University)
Vikram Ravi
New Discovery Surveys[Video][CC]
5/07, 11:15am Vikram Ravi
Kate Alexander
(University of Arizona)
Radio TDEs: Current Status, Puzzles, and Future Prospects[Video][CC]
5/08, 9:30am Decker French
(University of Illinois)
Ann Zabludoff
(University of Arizona)
The Host Galaxy Puzzle[Video]
5/08, 11:15am Elena Gallo
University of Michigan
What can we learn from black hole x-ray binaries?[Video]
5/08, 12:15pm Greg Salvesen
X-ray Binary Modeling Assumptions & Uncertainties[Embargoed]
5/09, 9:30am Daniel Price
Monash University
Eddington Envelopes: The fate of a solar mass stars tidally disrupted by a supermassive black hole[Slides][Video][CC]
5/09, 11:15am Zack Andalman
Princeton University
From Disruption to Debris Disk with (GR)SPH+GRMHD: a Hybrid Numerical Approach[Video][CC]
5/09, 11:45am Dheeraj Pasham
Evidence for Lense-Thirring precession after a star is disrupted by a massive black hole[Video][CC]
5/10, 2:00pm Ruggero Valli
MPA Garching
To Shrink or Not to Shrink: Interactions with a Circumbinary Disk[Video][CC]
5/10, 2:30pm Jing-Ze Ma
MPA Garching
Towards the AREPO-Star project: Moving-mesh radiation hydrodynamics of (interacting) stars and beyond[Video][CC]
5/10, 3:00pm Hannah Dykaar
Univ. of Toronto
An Untargeted Search for TDEs in the Radio Regime[Video][CC]
5/10, 3:30pm Elena Gallo
The black hole occupation fraction in dwarf galaxies from 20 yrs of Chandra data[Video][CC]
5/13, 1:30pm All Participants Meet and Greet
5/14, 9:30am Re’em Sari
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dynamical processes around SMBHs and the associated stellar distractions[Video]
5/14, 11:15am Vikram Ravi
LFBOTs and TDEs[Video][CC]
5/15, 9:30am Jason Hinkle
University of Hawaii
Relating the Environments and Observables of TDEs[Slides][Video][CC]
5/15, 10:00am Kimitake Hayasaki
Chungbuk National University
Non-relativistic disk-wind-driven expanding radio-emitting shell in tidal disruption events[Video][CC]
5/15, 10:30am Doug Lin
UC Santa Cruz
Prospects of Planetesimal Graveyards and Rogue Planets around Supermassive Black Holes at the Heart of Galaxies[Video][CC]
5/16, 9:30am Eliot Quataert
Princeton University
Super-Eddington Accretion[Video][CC]
5/16, 11:15am Nathan Roth
Modeling the Wavelength-dependent Radiative Output of TDEs[Video][CC]
5/16, 11:45am Megan Newsome
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