Schedule Sep 15, 2017
Transport Measurement of 2D materials at Low Temperature
Yuntian Li, Mentors Susanne Stemmer and Luca Galletti (MRL)

Complex Oxide materials with nano structures have many unique and bizarre transport properties and they can be applied for future advanced electronic devices. In Prof. Susanne Stemmer's group, different types of low dimensional materials samples are grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy with ultra high quality. Usually, the electric properties of the materials are measured in a temperature range of 2K to 300K. As an undergraduate researcher, I focus on measuring the electric properties of these materials in lower temperature range down to 40mK, in order to observe new phenomenon. I am setting up the transport measurement experiment inside a Dilution Refrigerator with magnetic field up to 14T. My work includes developing measurement program and coordinating the measurement devices with superconducting magnet and cryogenic system.

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