Calibrating the Nunchuck: A nanodevice for dynamically measuring molecular bending of DNA Mentors Deborah K. Fygenson and Amber Cai (Physics)
Alexander L. Bevier

We are developing a device for measuring the bending of single molecules of DNA over time. Called the ?Nunchuck, ? the device is made from a pair of DNA origami nanotubes that are attached end-wise via a double-stranded DNA molecule of interest. The origami nanotubes are then elongated by the addition of fluorescent DNA tiles until the nunchuck arms are long enough to be visible under light microscopy. We collect time-ordered images of the nunchucks and extract the bend angle of the linking DNA in each. To calibrate the nunchuck, we are comparing the bend angle distributions for linkers of different lengths to predictions based on the worm-like chain model.

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