Ultracold Lithium in a Driven Optical Lattice Mentors David Weld, Mikhail Lipatov, Kurt Fujiwara, Kevin Singh (Physics)
Alec Cao

Ultracold atoms in optical lattices emulate the valence electrons in a crystal lattice, thus providing a powerful tool for studying complex condensed matter systems. Specifically, periodically driven lattices enable band structure manipulation through hybridized bands, which can be used for the engineering of electronic properties in materials. We use ultracold lithium in an amplitude modulated optical lattice to study the dynamics of these driven lattice systems. Previously, our lab has demonstrated precise control over long-range transport of a Bose-Einstein condensate with a single drive frequency hybridizing the s and d bands. We are currently continuing this study of non-equilibrium dynamics with polychromatic driving, which involves multiple, simultaneous drives at different frequencies. I will discuss in detail our result in hybridized band engineered transport as well as our current work in polychromatic driving.

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