Simplified microbial ecosystems and their clinical application Mentors Jean Carlson and Eric Jones (Physics)
Parker Shankin-Clarke

In science and medicine a recent paradigm shift has designated the collection of microbes that reside within our bodies as an organ, called the microbiome. Deficiencies in the human microbiome are correlated to many diseases, which has prompted a search for medicine that can treat the microbiome and certain diseases. This has prompted a search for medicine for the microbiome. To this end, our group uses theoretical ecological models to predict the efficacy of bacteriotherapies, a type of increasingly common microbiome medicine. In order to grasp the complexity of the microbiome (which can consist of thousands of microbes), we develop steady state reduction (SSR), which is a model-reduction technique that compresses the high-dimensional microbiome space to a two-dimensional system that permits theoretical analysis.

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