Testing a Quantum Dominant Energy Condition for the Causal Holographic Information Mentors Don Marolf and Brianna Grado-White (Physics)
Ryan Stuart

The energy conditions of General Relativity are important for showing the Hawking-Penrose singularity theorems. These theorems guarantee the formation of black hole singularities and, on the larger scale, the existence of a Big Bang singularity. However, in Quantum Field Theory, these conditions have been shown to be violated locally; so instead, we search for quantum analogues of these conditions. A few have been proposed, including a Quantum Null Energy Condition (QNEC) and, its generalization, a Quantum Dominant Energy Condition (QDEC). We looked at testing the Quantum Dominant Energy condition with the Casual Holographic Information as entropy for the dual 1+1 CFT of AdS3 point-mass spacetime.

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