Bifurcation analysis of microbiome steady states Mentors Jean Carlson, Eric Jones, and Josh Mueller (Physics)
Zipeng Wang

Theoretical ecology methods are used to model bacterial interactions in the gut. We study a reduced 2D form of gLV equations, one such ecological model, to examine the stability of steady states and to perform a bifurcation analysis. Resulting from this bifurcation analysis, we learned how to change parameters in a principled way in order to modify the stability of steady states and therefore drive the system into a desired steady state. This 2D system is the result of a reduction method that compresses high-dimensional ecological systems into this 2D form. Bifurcation analysis of this 2D system may may therefore inform the high-dimensional system. Our research, which describes how to attain different steady states by modifying system parameters, will lead to testable experimental predictions that can help maintain microbiome health.

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