2019 Undergraduate Physics Research Symposium
(Sep 6, 2019, KITP Main Seminar Room)
Organizers: Yiluo Li and Professor Mark Srednicki

Time Speaker Title
9:45am Yiluo Li, Mark Srednicki Opening Remarks
9:50am David (Menghang) Wang (Physics) The influence of galaxy cluster environment on the kinematics of the stripped globular clusters [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Frederic Gibou and Pouria A. Mistani (Mechanical Engineering)
10:03am Jason Corbin (Physics) Conditioning Substrates to Improve Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors for Exoplanet Imaging [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Ben Mazin and Sarah Steiger (Physics)
10:16am Meredith Neyer (Physics) Constraining Metallicity Using Circumgalactic Absorption [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Peng Oh and Cameron Liang (Physics)
10:29am Sarah Polizzotto (Physics) Establishing a HeII-Ionizing Photons to Stellar Mass Ratio in Metal-Poor Galaxies [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Crystal Martin and Stephanie Ho (Physics)
10:50am Alexander Bevier (Physics) Engineering A Smart DNA Gel [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Deborah Fygenson and Nathaniel Conrad (Physics)
11:03am Heitor Megale (Physics) Cell cycle dynamics in stem-cell micro-patterns [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Sebastian Streichan and Eyal Karzbrun (Physics)
11:16am Isaac Boris Breinyn (Physics) Extracting geometric properties of the fruit fly gut using machine learning [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Sebastian Streichan and Noah Mitchell (Physics)
11:29am Mark Zhao (Physics) Microrheology of DNA Nanostar Condensates by Optical Trapping [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Omar Saleh (Materials)
11:42am Pieter Derksen (Physics) A Biophysical Study of Motor Learning in the Drosophila Melanogaster Embryo [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Sebastian Streichan and Noah Mitchell (Physics)
11:55am Patrick Tran (Physics) Role of Geometry in Brownian Motions within Curved Surfaces: Application to Protein Kinetics within Lipid Bilayer Membranes [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Paul Atzberger (Mathematics)
12:08pm Sven Witthaus (Physics) Active Stresses in Two-Phase Microtubule Systems [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Zvonimir Dogic and Itamar Kolvin (Physics)
12:21pm Zipeng Wang (Physics) Control of steady state outcomes with deliberate parameter perturbations in generalized Lotka-Volterra systems [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Jean Carlson, Eric Jones, Josh Mueller (Physics)
1:30pm Amalu Shimamura (Physics) Multi-mode Interferometer Waveguide for InP Coherent Receiver [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Clint Schow, Junqian Liu, and Takako Hirokawa (ECE)
1:43pm Weiheng Fu (Physics) Experimental Investigation of magnetocaloric effects in Cr2Te3 and Cr3Te4 [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Ram Seshadri and Joshua Bocarsly (MRL)
1:56pm Xiaoyang Shi (Physics) A High Frequency Linear Paul Trap for Sr+ [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Andrew Jayich (Physics)
2:09pm Avery Haubert (Physics) Effect of Processing Conditions on the Structure, Morphology and Electrical Properties of Nanocrystalline Niobium Thin Films [Aud][Cam]
Mentors C.V. Ramana and Nivedita L. Raveendran (Mechanical Engineering, UT El Paso)
2:22pm Umut C. Oktem (Physics) Exotic Higgs Production at the LHC [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Nathaniel Craig and Seth Koren (Physics)
2:35pm Rex Bai (Physics) Measuring entropy in graphene/BN heterostructure [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Andrea Young and Fangyuan Yang (Physics)
3:00pm Alvin J.R. Heng (Physics, NTU Singapore) Numerical studies of multi-magnon bound states in 1D antiferromagnetic spin chains [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Leon Balents and Anna Keselman (Physics)
3:13pm Sean Benevedes (Physics) Timing Methods in Long-Lived Particle Searches [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Nathaniel Craig (Physics)
3:26pm Yuxuan Zhang (Physics) Strongly correlated electrons in moire heterostructure [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Andrea Young and Gregory Polshyn (Physics)
3:39pm Juan Lazaro (Physics) Light Dark Matter eXperiment [Aud][Cam]
Mentors Joseph Incandela and Philip Masterson (Physics)