KITP Online Conference:
White Dwarfs from Physics to Astrophysics

(Mar 29-30, 2021)
Coordinators: Alejandra Romero, Matthias Schreiber, Ken Shen, and Silvia Toonen

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Monday, Mar 29, 2021

Session I

8:00am Nicola Gentile Fusillo (ESO) Gotta find them all! Searching for white dwarfs in Gaia eDR3.[Video][CC]
8:20am Ale Romero (IF-UFRGS) Pulsational properties of DA white dwarf stars[Slides][Video][CC]
8:40am Josiah Schwab (UCSC) Ashes to Ashes: White Dwarfs from Double White Dwarf Mergers[Slides][Video][CC]
9:00am Sihao Cheng (Johns Hopkins)
Evan Bauer (Harvard & Smithsonian)
The Q branch: where white dwarfs stop cooling.[Slides][Video][CC]

Session II

10:00am Eva Villaver (UAM) Planets and WDs[Slides][Video][CC]
10:30am Chris Manser (Warwick Univ.) Gaseous planetary discs around white dwarfs[Slides][Video][CC]
11:00am Ben Kaiser (UNC)
Mark Hollands (Warwick Univ.)
The detection of lithium in cool white dwarf atmospheres[Slides][Video][CC]

Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021

Session I

8:00am Steven Parsons (Sheffield Univ.)
Anna Francesca Pala (ESO)
From common envelope to cataclysmic variable: an overview of white dwarfs in close binaries[Slides][Video][CC]
8:30am Diogo Belloni (INPE) Formation and Evolution of Close Magnetic White Dwarf Binaries[Slides][Video][CC]
9:00am Na'ama Hallakoun (Weizmann Inst.)
Valeriya Korol (Leiden Obs.)
Joint title: Characterizing the Galactic double white dwarf population First talk by Na'ama Hallakoun: Part I: Observations and implications to the SN Ia progenitor problem Second talk by Valeriya Korol: Part II: future observations with LISA[Slides][Video][CC]

Session II

10:00am Elias Aydi (MSU)
Brian Metzger (Columbia)
Shocking New Insights into Classical Novae[Slides][Video][CC]
10:30am Saurabh Jha (Rutgers) Observations of White Dwarf Supernovae[Slides][Video][CC]
11:00am Dean Townsley (Alabama) The makings of models for white dwarf supernovae[Slides][Video][CC]