KITP Program: Universality in Few-Body Systems
(Nov 7 - Dec 16, 2016)
Coordinators: Doerte Blume, Robin Côté, Olivier Dulieu, Chris H. Greene, and Alejandro Saenz
Scientific Advisor: Gerrit Groenenboom

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Time Speaker Title
11/7, 2:00pm All Participants Organizational meeting
11/08, 10:30am Cindy Regal
JILA, NIST, and the University of Colorado
Entanglement and spin-motional dynamics with ground state neutral atoms in optical tweezers[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
11/09, 3:30pm Paul Julienne
Long-range universality in 2- and 3-body physics (Tutorial talk)[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
11/10, 3:30pm Peter Schmelcher
Univ. Hamburg & KITP
Correlated Quantum Dynamics of Ultracold Few- To Many-Body Systems (Tutorial talk)[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
11/11, 3:30pm Eric Braaten
Ohio State & KITP
Deeply Inelastic Loss of Ultracold Atoms (Tutorial talk)[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
11/14, 10:00am All Participants Informal Discussion: Nitty gritty details about 3-body scattering[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
11/14, 2:00pm All Participants Organizational Meeting
11/15, 10:00am Jose D'Incao
(Univ. of Colorado & KITP)
Shina Tan
(Georgia Tech & KITP)
Three-body collisions (Tag-team talk)[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
11/16, 3:30pm Dmitry Petrov
(Université Paris-Sud & KITP)
Nikolaj Zinner
(Harvard & KITP)
Few-body physics in reduced dimensionality (Tag-team talk)[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
11/17, 10:00am Xiaoling Cui
(Tsinghua University)
Peng Zhang
(Renmin Univ.)
Few-body physics with spin-orbit coupling (Tag-team talk)[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
11/18, 3:30pm Pietro Massignan
11/18, 4:15pm Meera Parish
Monash Univ. & KITP
Polarons: Impurities coupled to degenerate quantum gas
11/21, 12:15pm Chris Greene
Purdue & KITP
Snippets of Efimov, Rydberg, and Quantum Hall Physics[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
11/21, 2:00pm All Participants "Get-together" Organizational Meeting
11/22, 10:30am Alejandro Kievsky
Exploring the unitary limit using potential models: from few atoms to few nucleons[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
11/22, 2:00pm Chris Greene
Purdue & KITP
Few-body quantum Hall physics[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
11/23, 10:30am All Participants Open discussion: coordinates, symmetries, Hamiltonians: The example of the MCTDH approach[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
11/28, 2:00pm All "Get together" organizational Meeting
11/29, 10:30am Xia-Ji Liu
Swinburne & KITP
Virial Expansion for a strongly correlated Fermi gas[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
11/29, 11:15am Peter Drummond
Swinburne & KITP
Using projected coherent states and phase-space methods in innovative ways[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
11/30, 3:30pm Daniel Phillips
Ohio U & KITP
Do halo nuclei exhibit few-body universality?[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
11/30, 4:15pm Emiko Hiyama
The universality between few-body nucleon systems and fermionic atom systems: application of Gaussian Expansion Method to the tetra-neutron system[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/01, 3:30pm Gora Shlyapnikov
Univ Paris-Sud & KITP
Discussion on few-body liquids (Tag-team talk)[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/01, 4:15pm Guido Pupillo
Discussion on few-body liquids (Tag-team talk)[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/02, 3:30pm Gerrit Groenenboom
(Radboud Univ. & KITP)
Michal Tomza
Emiko Hiyama
Open discussion: Quantum chemical approach of few-body physics[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/05, 2:00pm All Participants Feedback Meeting
12/06, 11:30am Johannes Hecker Denschlag
Ulm Univ. & KITP
Tracking chemical reaction paths on the quantum level
12/07, 3:30pm Mario Gattobigio
Institut Non Linéaire de Nice---CNRS & KITP
Scaling and Universality in Efimovian few-body systems[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/07, 4:15pm Alejandro Saenz
Humboldt Univ. & KITP
Few body systems under confinement[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/09, 3:30pm All Participants Open Discussion: Various Gaussian technologies in few-body physics[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/12, 10:00am Ed Narevicius
Weizmann Inst.
Cold Chemistry with Cold Molecules (experiment)[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/12, 11:15am Shangguo Zhu
Georgia Tech & KITP
Three-body scattering hypervolume for ultracold atoms with a model twobody potential[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/12, 11:45am Shimpei Endo
Monash Univ. & KITP
Universal few-body and many-body physics in a mass-imbalanced twocomponent Fermi system[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/12, 12:15pm Matt Eiles
Purdue & KITP
New prospects in Rydberg molecules[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/13, 9:00am Simon Baier
Univ. Innsbruck
Few-body physics with ultracold magnetic Erbium (experiment)[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/13, 10:15am Rosario Gonzalez-Ferez
Univ. Granada & KITP
Rydberg optical Feshbach resonances[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/13, 10:30am Krzysztof Jachymski
Stuttgart Univ.
Rydberg polaritons as a new platform for few-body physics[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/13, 10:45am Rudro Rana Biswas
Quantum Hall states at points of singular curvature
12/13, 11:00am All Participants Discussion[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/13, 2:00pm Daniel Phillips
Ohio U
Beyond universality? p-wave interactions in halo nuclei[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/13, 2:15pm Joseph Carlson
Transitions from few to many-body quantum systems' in cold atoms and nuclear physics[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/13, 2:30pm Lucas Platter
The University of Tennessee
Universality beyond the zero-range limit[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/13, 2:45pm All All-discussion
12/14, 9:00am Jonathan Simon
Univ. Chigago
Building Quantum Materials from Light[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/14, 10:15am Svetlana Kotochigova
Temple Univ.
Three-body interactions with magnetic lanthanides[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/14, 10:30am Robert Moszynski
Univ. of Warsaw
Asymptotic physics and ultracold chemistry with diatomic strontium molecules[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/14, 10:45am Michal Tomza
Controlled non-universality of ultracold isotope-exchange reactions[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/14, 11:00am All All-discussion
12/15, 9:00am Jan Arlt
Aarhus Univ.
Few-Body physics with ultracold K and Rb: Efimov physics and the Bose polaron (experiment)[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/15, 10:15am Yvan Castin
ENS Paris
The fourth virial coefficient of the unitary Fermi gas[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/15, 10:30am Servaas Kokkelmans
Description of finite range effects in three-body physics with an off-the-energy-shell T-matrix[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/15, 10:45am Xia-Ji Liu
Strongly interacting Fermi gas in the quasirepulsive regime[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/15, 11:00am All All-discussion
12/15, 2:00pm Nirav Mehta
Trinity University
Formulating the few-body problem for nonreactive molecules in deep optical lattices[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/15, 2:15pm Chris Ticknor
Towards inclusion of excited vibrational states in ultracold moleculemolecule quantum scattering calculations
12/15, 2:30pm Olivier Dulieu
Université Paris-Sud
Long-range interactions in few-body systems: a perspective from interacting cold molecules[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/15, 2:45pm All All-discussion
12/16, 9:00am Gora Shlyapnikov
Univ. Paris-Sud
"p"-wave superfluids in free space and in a lattice[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/16, 9:30am Eite Tiesinga
Quench physics with few-body atomic systems in optical lattice[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/16, 10:00am Dmitry Petrov
Université Paris-Sud
Five-body Efimov effect and universal pentamer in fermionic mixtures[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
12/16, 10:30am Olivier Dulieu and All Participants Conclusion and Goodbye[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
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