ITP Program on High Temperature Superconductivity (August 7 - December 15, 2000)
Coordinators: C. Kallin, R.B. Laughlin, P. Lee, and D. Scalapino

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 ITP Conference on

High Temperature Superconductivity

August 14-18, 2000

Coordinators:  C. Kallin, R.B. Laughlin, P.A. Lee and D.J. Scalapino


As part of the ITP Program on High Temperature Superconductivity there will be a conference during the week of August 14, 2000. This conference will highlight some of the very recent theoretical and experimental developments in understanding the physics of the superconducting oxides and related materials.  In addition, it is meant to encourage open and incisive questioning and discussion on existing theories and interpretations of experimental results.

There will be a relatively small number of talks in the usual conference format, which will concentrate on recent developments.  Much of the conference will be organized into focussed discussion sessions based around short contributions.

Attendance at the conference is limited.  Additional conference information and a registration form may be found on the ITP web site (http://www.itp.ucsb.edu/conference/HiTc-Reg.html).   Updated conference information, including a list of speakers, will be available on this web site.  For logistic details, please contact Dorene Sexton Iverson (dorene@itp.ucsb.edu).

Deadline for Registration and Payment is July 15, 2000

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