KITP Program: The Neurophysics of Locomotion
(Jul 18 - Aug 19, 2022)
Coordinators: Daniel Goldman, Matthieu Louis, Julie H. Simpson, Jane Wang and Barbara Webb

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Time Speaker Title
8/19, 9:00am All Participants Brainstorming reports[Embargoed]
8/18, 9:00am All Participants QBio School Presentations[Video][CC]
8/17, 11:00am Matthieu Louis
Squishy neuro-locomotion and active sensing[Video][CC]
8/17, 9:00am Jane Loveless
Modelling maggot movement as material madness![Embargoed]
8/16, 11:00am Jimena Berni
University of Sussex
Search strategies and adaptation in fruitfully larvae[Slides][Video][CC]
8/16, 9:00am Michael Dickinson
In search of the Devonian toolkit: reconstructing ancient behavioral modules in neurobiology[Slides][Video][CC]
8/15, 11:45am Bulcsu Sandor
Toy models for self-organized robotic locomotion via proprioception[Video][CC]
8/15, 11:00am Mubarak Syed
From stem cell to diverse behaviors: Developmental Mechanisms regulating diversity of Drosophila central complex lineages[Embargoed]
8/15, 9:00am Kai Feng
University of Queensland
Genetic dissection of Drosophila walking circuit[Protected][Video][CC]
8/12, 9:00am Barbara Webb
University of Edinburgh
Steering with vector memories[Video][CC]
8/11, 11:45am Kaushik Jayaram
CU Boulder
Robustness of Biological and Bioinspired Systems[Video][CC]
8/11, 11:00am Abhilasha Joshi
Dynamic Synchronization between Hippocampal Spatial Representations and the Stepping Rhythm[Video][CC]
8/11, 9:00am Simon Sponberg
Georgia Tech
Biophysical transitions and control strategies in the dynamics of synchronous and asynchronous flying insects.[Video][CC]
8/10, 11:00am Venkatesh Murthy
Odor trail tracking in ants and mice[Video][CC]
8/10, 9:00am Julie Simpson
Command and Control: key neurons for coordinating the fly grooming sequence[Video][CC]
8/09, 11:00am Friedl De Groote
KU Leuven
Physics-based optimal control simulations to assess the neuromechanics of human movement[Video][CC]
8/09, 9:00am Madhu Venkadesan
Human feet: geometry, mechanics and evolution[Video][CC]
8/08, 11:00am Ilya Nemenman
Modeling animal learning[Video][CC]
8/08, 9:00am Ellie Heckscher
University of Chicago
Motor circuit diversity in Dipteran larvae[Video][CC]
8/05, 2:00pm Jane Wang
Body-Mind Problem in Neurophysics of Locomotion[Video]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
8/05, 11:00am Monika Scholz
Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology of Behavior
Foraging for information - mechanisms of interaction between neural circuits[Video][CC]
8/05, 9:00am Serena Ding
Max Plank Institute of Animal Behavior
Worms and the sworm[Video][CC]
8/04, 9:00am Bradley Dickerson
Jess Fox
(Case Western)
Collecting and processing mechanosensory information for fly flight[Video][CC]
8/03, 3:30pm Mitya Chklovskii
Flatiron Institute
Neurons as identifiers of dynamical systems, Part 2[Embargoed]
8/03, 11:00am Greg Stephens
VU Amsterdam & OIST Graduate University
Chaotic Worms[Video]
8/03, 9:00am Euge Chiappe
Brain-body Interactions Orchestrate Visual Control of Walking in Dropsophilia[Video][CC]
8/02, 11:00am Craig Montell
Mechanisms of locomotion in insects[Embargoed]
8/02, 9:00am John Tuthill
University of Washington
Neural mechanisms of leg proprioception and motor control in Drosophila[Video][CC]
8/01, 11:00am Dima Rinberg
Olfactory object representation in the brain[Video][CC]
8/01, 9:00am Jane Wang
Insect Flight: Gravity, Instability, and Righting Reflexes[Video][CC]
7/29, 11:00am Dan Tracey
University of Indiana
The motor pattern of larval escape locomotion in Drosophila[Embargoed]
7/29, 9:00am Mitya Chklovskii
Mini-wasp connectomics and the neuro-inspired learning of dynamics[Protected][Video]
7/28, 11:00am David Schoppik
Part 1: The eyes have it (neurodev) Part 2: Something fishy about balance (neuroloco)[Slides][Video][CC]
7/28, 9:00am Aki Nose
Univ Tokyo
Functional development of neural circuits that regulate animal behaviors[Video][CC]
7/27, 11:00am Kathy Nagel
Experiments fly Olfactory Neural circuits for wind-guided olfactory navigation in Drosophila[Video][CC]
7/27, 9:00am Marc Gershow
Two-color, two-photon, video rate recording from locomotory neurons in crawling Drosophila larvae[Video][CC]
7/26, 11:00am Andrew Straw
University of Freiburg
Emerging technologies to study neurobiology and behavior of navigation in insects[Protected][Video][CC]
7/26, 9:00am Pavan Ramdya
Reverse engineering Drosophila action selection and limb movement control[Embargoed]
7/25, 11:00am Sanjay Sane
Multimodal descending feedback in hawkmoths[Video][CC]
7/25, 9:00am Claire Wyart
Paris Brain Institute
Optogenetic dissection of motor circuits for navigation in brainstem and spinal cord[Video][CC]
7/22, 11:00am All Participants J-1 Visa Orientation
7/22, 9:00am All Participants Brainstorming Session
7/22, 8:00am All Participants How neurons let physics do the work: A model of undulatory locomotion and gait modulation in C. elegans
7/21, 11:00am David Hu
Georgia Tech
Ant rafts and elephant trunks[Video][CC]
7/21, 9:00am Jimmy Liao
University of Florida
The importance of natural behavior and ecology in driving animal locomotion research[Video][CC]
7/20, 11:00am Andrew Gordus
Johns Hopkins University
Untangling the web of behaviors used in spider orb-weaving[Video][CC]
7/20, 9:00am Andrew Leifer
Princeton University
Measuring neural dynamics, functional connectivity, and behavior in C. elegans[Video][CC]
7/19, 11:00am All Participants Let's Get Acquainted
7/18, 11:00am All Participants Program and QBio Welcome[Protected][Video][CC]
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