Spin and Magnetism in Young Neutron Stars (July 31 - December 15, 2000)
Coordinators: L. Bildsten, L. Hernquist, V. Kaspi, & S. Kulkarni

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Spin, Magnetism and Cooling of Young Neutron Stars

October 2-6, 2000

Coordinators: L. Bildsten, L. Hernquist, V. Kaspi and S. Kulkarni


As part of the ITP Program on Spin and Magnetism in Young Neutron Stars there will be a conference entitled "Spin, Magnetism and Cooling of Young Neutron Stars" during the week of October 2, 2000.

The recent discoveries of highly magnetized neutron stars and new physical mechanisms that might set the initial neutron star rotation rate have given us exciting new insights into neutron star properties and force us to reconsider much of the interior physics of these extreme stellar remnants. The successful operation of the Chandra and XMM-Newton observatories has also started to reveal surprises in young supernova remnants, such as the still mysterious point source in Cas A. This conference will bring together researchers working on all aspects of neutron star properties set during their birth and prevalent during their youth. This will include the origin of magnetism and the high-field magnetars, the possible role of gravitational radiation (r-modes) in limiting the initial spin periods, the origin of kicks and glitches, and new observations of neutron star cooling.

This should be an exciting meeting with lots of new results presented. We also are keeping the talks to a maximum length of 30 minutes so as to have adequate time for discussion. Typical discussion sessions are 15 minutes after a 30 minute talk.

For logistic details, please contact Dorene Sexton Iverson (dorene@itp.ucsb.edu).

Attendance at the conference is limited. Registration can be filled out on the ITP web site (http://www.itp.ucsb.edu/conference/Neustars-Reg.html).

The current list of confirmed speakers is:

M. Bailes -- Future Radio Pulsar Searches

O. Blaes -- Winds from Radio Pulsars and Magnetars

A. Burrows -- Supernovae Core Collapse Mechanisms and Neutron Star Formation

J. Cordes -- The Radio Pulsar Population: Kicks, Spins and B

R. Duncan -- Magnetar Spindown and AXP's

A. Filippenko -- Supernova Types: The Diversity of Core Collapse Events

P. Freire -- Millisecond Pulsars and Globular Cluster Pulsars

J. Friedman -- Gravitational Waves from R-Modes in Neutron Stars

C. Fryer -- Evolution of massive Stars and the NS/BH Boundary

B. Gaensler -- Radio Pulsar - Supernovae Remnant Associations

J. Grindlay -- Chandra Imaging of Globular Clusters

A. Harding -- Theory and Observations of the High B/Slow Radio Pulsars

J. Hester -- Crab: The Movie and Sequel

J. Heyl -- Neutron Star Cooling for High B Fields

V. Kaspi -- Observational Summary of the Anomalous X-Ray Pulsars

C. Kouveliotou -- Observational Summary of Soft Gamma Repeaters

D. Lai -- Overview of Neutron Star Kick Mechanisms

J. Lattimer -- Review of Neutron Stars from the Equation of State Perspective

L. Lindblom -- Current Status of R-Mode Emission for Young Neutron Stars

B. Link -- Overview of Glitch Theories

A. Lyne -- Radio Pulsar Glitches, Timing Noise and Spin-Down Laws

R. Manchester -- Latest News from Radio Pulsars Surveys

A. Melatos -- Theory of Plerions

G. Pavlov -- Review of Young Neutron Stars: X-ray perspective

S. Phinney -- Rotation Rates of Proto-Neutron Star Cores

K. Rajagopal -- Exciting Developments in QCD of Relevance to Neutron Stars

R. Romani -- Non-Thermal Emission from Young Radio Pulsars

P. Slane -- Recent Chandra/XMM results on Shell Supernovae Remnants

A. Spitkovsky -- Crab Variability from Pulsar Winds

L. Stella -- Current Status of Millisecond Pulsars and Neutron Stars in Soft X-Ray Transients

C. Thompson -- The Magnetar Theory for SGRs

S. Tsuruta -- Physics of Neutron Star Cooling

M. van Kerkwijk -- Multiwavelength observations of Anomalous X-Ray Pulsars

F. Walter -- Isolated Nearby Neutron Stars, An Overview

P. Woods -- Timing Results of SGRs

Deadline for Registration, Poster Abstracts, and Payment is September 1, 2000

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