KITP Program: Layering in Atmospheres, Oceans and Plasmas
(Jan 11 - Mar 12, 2021)
Coordinators: Patrick H. Diamond, Pascale Garaud, David W. Hughes, and Bruce Sutherland
Scientific Advisors: Mary-Louise Timmermans and Bill Young

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Time Speaker Title
1/11, 9:00am All Participants Meet and Greet[Video][CC][Transcript]
1/12, 9:00am Colm-cille Caulfield
(U. Cambridge)
Alexis Kaminski
(UC Berkeley)
Can we ever know our LIMITS? Some open questions concerning Layering, Instability, Mixing, Internal (waves), Turbulence & Stratification.[Slides][Video]
1/14, 8:00am Lu Wang
Turbulence and Self-Generated Flows in Magnetized Plasmas[Video]
1/14, 9:00am Guilhem Dif-Pradalier
Staircases in Magnetized Plasmas:Hints from Theory and Observations[Video]
1/19, 9:00am Timour Radko
Thermohaline layering in mid-latitude oceans[Slides][Video]
1/19, 10:00am Mary Louise Timmermans
Thermohaline layering in the Arctic ocean[Video]
1/21, 9:00am David Dritschel
St Andrews
Potential Vorticity Staircases[Video][CC]
1/21, 10:00am Benjamin Favier
Critical Transitions in Anisotropic Turbulence: the Case of Rotating Rayleigh-Benard Convection[Slides][Video]
1/25, 9:00am All Participants
Week 3: Organizational Meeting[Video]
1/26, 8:00am Kiori Obuse
Okayama Univ.
Inviscid Limit Solution of 2D Navier Stokes Equation on a Rotating Sphere with Hyper Viscosity.[Video]
1/26, 8:30am Adrian Barker
Univ. of Leeds
Angular momentum transport and layering in differentially-rotating stars[Video]
1/26, 9:00am Greg Chini
A multiscale modeling framework for layering strongly-stratified flows[Video]
1/26, 9:30am Pascale Garaud
Layering mechanisms in sedimentary fingering convection[Video]
1/28, 9:00am Edgar Knobloch
Asymptotic description of fluid flows[Slides][Video][CC]
1/28, 9:30am Brian Farrell
Insights into coherent structure formation arising from application of statistical state dynamics[Slides][Video][CC]
1/28, 10:00am Gregory Falkovich
Weizmann Inst.
Turbulence-Flow Interactions in Two Dimensions[Video][CC]
1/28, 10:30am Peter Read
“Bending over backwards": PV staircases or hyperstaircases in giant planet atmospheres?[Slides][Video][CC]
2/02, 8:00am Rahul Pandit
Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes turbulence: An Introduction[Video]
2/02, 8:30am Laura Cope
The dynamics of zonal jet migration[Video]
2/02, 9:00am Phil Marcus
Planetary stripes and spots: aka, zonal PV staircasing and vortices[Video]
2/02, 9:30am Francesco Paparella
Bare-bone models of layering in fingering convection and stratified fluids.[Video]
2/04, 9:00am Lothar Schmitz
Transport barriers in magnetized plasmas[Video][CC][Transcript]
2/04, 9:30am Arash Ashourvan
Formation of a staircase pedestal with suppressed edge localized modes in the DIII-D pedestal[Video][CC][Transcript]
2/04, 10:00am Peter Haynes
How important is jet structure for atmospheric dynamics and transport?[Video][CC][Transcript]
2/04, 10:30am Neil Balmforth
Simple models of layers[Video][CC][Transcript]
2/09, 8:00am Yusuke Kosuga
Kyushu Univ.
How Heat Flux Avalanche Jams Trigger Layering in Magnetized Plasmas[Video][CC][Transcript]
2/09, 8:30am Basile Gallet
CEA Saclay, France
Meridional heat transport in oceans and planetary atmospheres[Embargoed]
2/09, 9:00am Michael Le Bars
Layering generated by McIntyres diffusive instability around lens vortices[Video][CC][Transcript]
2/09, 9:30am Chris Jones
(Univ. of Leeds)
Yue-Kin Tsang
(Univ. of Leeds)
The zonal flows of Jupiter in the light of the Juno mission[Video][CC][Transcript]
2/11, 9:00am Rahul Pandit Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes interfaces[Video]
2/11, 9:15am Edgar Knobloch Convectons and staircase formation[Video]
2/11, 9:30am All Participants Working group on Interface Structures[Protected][Video][CC][Transcript]
2/15, 9:00am Peter Read
Jon Aurnou
Working group on Climate Applications: Origins of PV staircases on Jupiter[Video][Transcript]
2/16, 9:00am David Dritschel
(St Andrews)
Xavier Garbet
(CEA Cadarache)
Steve Tobias
(Univ. of Leeds)
Working group on Transport Barriers: Transport barrier formation[Video][Transcript]
2/17, 9:00am Rahul Pandit
Nadiabihari Padhan
Pat Diamond
Working group on Mechanisms for Layering: Cahn-Hilliard equation[Video][CC][Transcript]
2/18, 9:00am Robin Varennes
(LASP CU-Boulder)
Chang Chun Chen
Pat Diamond
Working group on Plasma Dynamics Applications: Impact of external fields on layering[Video]
2/19, 8:00am Alan Kerstein
(Stochastic Sciences)
Scott Wunsch
(Johns Hopkins)
Special Discussion - Economical Computational Model of Layer and Staircase Formation and Evolution.[Slides][Video][Transcript]
2/19, 9:00am Pat Diamond
How interfaces regulate transport and relaxation in 2D MHD[Video]
2/19, 9:30am David Dritschel
St Andrews
Contour dynamics and contour advection[Video]
2/19, 10:00am Pat Diamond
David Dritschel
(St Andrews)
Working group on Interface Structures[Protected][Video][Transcript]
2/22, 9:00am Yana Bebieva
(Florida State)
Leo Middleton
Working group on Climate Applications: Staircases resulting from ice-ocean interactions[Video][CC][Transcript]
02/22 12:15pm David Hughes
University of Leeds
Layering in Astrophysical and Geophysical Fluids and Plasmas[Video]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
2/23, 8:00am Weixin Guo
Anna Frishman
Yanick Sarazin
(CEA Cadarache)
Working group on Transport Barriers: Transport barrier mechanisms[Video][CC][Transcript]
2/24, 8:00am Weixin Guo
Pat Diamond
Paul Pruzina
(Univ. of Leeds)
Working group on Mechanisms for Layering: What can k-epsilon models tell us about layering?[Video][Transcript]
2/25, 9:00am Lothar Schmitz
Colm-cille Caulfield
Pat Diamond
Mischa Malkov
Working group on Plasma Dynamics Applications: Impact of boundaries, sources and dissipation on layering[Slides][Video][CC][Transcript]
2/26, 9:00am TBA Working group on Interface Structures: Transport across interfaces[Protected][Video][Transcript]
2/26, 9:40am Alan Kerstein
Stochastic Sciences
Resolved 1D numerical simulation of layering: interface transport results and interpretation[Video]
3/01, 9:00am Alexis Kaminski
Nicole Shibley
Working group on Climate Applications: Oceanic staircases influenced and possibly created by turbulence
3/02, 9:00am Ozgur Gurcan
Edgar Knobloch
Laura Cope
Working group on Transport Barriers: Symmetry breaking[Slides][Video][CC][Transcript]
3/03, 9:00am Joseph Barranco
Antoine Cerfon
Adrian Fraser
Working group on Mechanisms for Layering[Slides][Video][CC][Transcript]
3/04, 9:00am Neil Balmforth
Pat Diamond
Guilhem Dif-Pradalier
(CEA Cadarache)
Yusuke Kosuga
(Kyushu Univ.)
Working group on Plasma Dynamics Applications: Avalanches and staircases[Video][Transcript]
3/05, 9:00am All Participants Working group on Interface Structures[Protected][Video]
3/05, 9:30am Petros Ioannou Statistical State Dynamics of resistive wave turbulence in a second order closure[Video]
3/05, 10:30am Brian Farrell Statistical State Dynamics based theory for the formation of heat transport barriers in the baroclinic turbulence of the midlatitude atmosphere[Video]
3/08, 9:00am Caitlin Whalen
(Univ. of Washington)
Carine van der Boog
(TU Delft)
Sonya Legg
Erika Mc Phee Shaw
Effie Fine
(Woods Hole)
Working group on Climate Applications: Incorporating the large-scale influence of oceanic staircases into ocean general circulation models[Slides][Video][CC][Transcript]
3/09, 9:00am David Hughes
(Univ. of Leeds)
Boris Galperin
Robin Heinonen
(Uni. Roma II)
Working group on Transport Barriers: Momentum Transport Barriers[Video][CC][Transcript]
3/10, 9:00am Francesco Paparella
Pascale Garaud
Yuchen Ma
(Univ. of Toronto)
Working group on Mechanisms for Layering: layering in double diffusive convection[Video][CC][Transcript]
3/11, 9:00am Guilhem Dif-Pradalier
(CEA Cadarache)
Pat Diamond (UCSD)
Peter Read
Working group on Plasma Dynamics Applications[Video][CC][Transcript]
3/12, 9:00am Pat Diamond
Pascale Garaud
David Hughes
(Univ. of Leeds)
Yanick Sarazin
(CEA Cadarache)
Bruce Sutherland
(U. Alberta)
Workshop overview and concluding remarks[Video][Transcript]
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