KITP Program: Symmetry, Thermodynamics and Topology in Active Matter
(Mar 16 - May 29, 2020)
Coordinators: Mark Bowick, Mike Cates, Nikta Fakhri, Cristina Marchetti, and Sriram Ramaswamy

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Time Speaker Title
03/24, 1:30pm Mark Bowick
A review of Topological Defects[Slides][Video]
3/31, 8:00am Jean-François Joanny
Institut Curie & Collége de France
Collective behavior in active matter[Slides][Vid][Video]
3/31, 3:00pm Ivan Smalyukh
University of Colorado, Boulder
Tutorial: Topological Solitons[Slides][Video]
4/02, 8:00am Ramin Golestanian
Recent developments in chemically active matter[Slides][Video]

4/06, 8:00am All Participants Meet & Greet
4/07, 8:00am Luca Giomi
Leiden Univ.
Active Turbulence[Video]
4/09, 8:00am Suraj Shankar
Defect-driven melting of active fluids[Slides][Video]
4/10, 8:00am Aparna Baskaran
Sriram Ramaswamy
(IISc, Bangalore)
Small group discussion on topological defects in active systems

4/13, 8:00am All Participants Meet & Greet
4/14, 8:00am Mingming Wu
Cell and tissue mechanics[Slides][Video]
4/16, 8:00am Andreas Bausch
Structure formation in organoids[Slides][Video]
4/17, 8:00am Andrej Kosmrlj
Rastko Sknepnek
Small group discussion on activity in cells and tissues

4/20, 8:00am All Participants Meet & Greet
4/21, 8:00am Oleg Lavrentovich
Kent State
Liquid crystals to control microswimmers and tissues[Slides][Video]
4/22, 8:00am Yair Shokef Spin Dating
4/23, 8:00am Enkeleida Lushi
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Controlling and directing micro-swimmers by confinement[Video]
4/24, 7:30am Silke Henkes
Hugues Chaté
Discussion on "Connecting microscopic and continuum models of active nematics"
4/24, 8:30am Zvonimir Dogic
Petia Vlahovska
(Northwestern University)
Discussion on "Controlling and directing active flows"

4/27, 8:00am All Participants Meet & Greet
4/28, 8:00am William Irvine
University of Chicago
Chiral Fluids[Video]
4/29, 8:00am Yair Shokef
Tel Aviv Univ.
Spin Hour
4/30, 8:00am Vincenzo Vitelli
University of Chicago
Activity and chirality in continuum mechanics[Slides][Video]
5/01, 8:00am Ananyo Maitra
(Sorbonne, CNRS)
Noah Mitchell
(UC Santa Barbara)
Discussion on "Chiral Active Matter"

5/04, 8:00am Daniel Matoz-Fernandez
Rastko Sknepnek
(Univ. Dundee)
Tutorial: Implementing an Active Brownian Particle simulation - from concepts to GPUs, Part I[Video]
5/05, 8:00am Jordan Horowitz
Nikta Fakhri
Nonequilibrium thermodynamics for active matter[Slides][Video]
5/07, 8:00am Etienne Fodor
Suri Vaikuntanathan
(U. Chicago)
Dissipation, structure and biased ensembles in active matter[Slides][Video]
5/08, 8:00am Ramin Golestanian
Holger Stark
(TU Berlin)
Small Group Discussion: Chemically active matter

5/11, 8:00am Francesco Ginelli
Univ. of Insubria
Tutorial: Coarse-graining dry aligning active matter[Slides][Video]
5/12, 8:00am Ivan Smalyukh
Schools and moving crystals of topological solitons[Slides][Video]
5/13, 8:00am Yair Shokef
Tel Aviv Univ.
Spin Hour
5/14, 8:00am Evelyn Tang
MPI-DS Göttingen
A lens into cognition: Geometry and topology of neural systems[Slides][Video]

5/15 Special Session: ↓ Short Talks ↓
5/15, 8:00am Sebastian Fuerthauer
Coarse-graining active cross-limked filament networks[Video]
5/15, 8:10am Karsten Kruse
University of Geneva
Quantifying cell monolayer mechanics by analyzing integer topological defects[Embargoed]
5/15, 8:20am Farzan Vafa
Dynamics of multi-defect states in active nematics[Video]
5/15, 8:30am Xingbo Yang
Coarse-grained Biophysical Model of Metabolism[Video]
5/15, 8:40am Zhihong You
Nonreciprocity as a generic route to traveling patterns[Video]

5/18, 8:00am Daniel Matoz-Fernandez
Rastko Sknepnek
(Univ. Dundee)
Tutorial: Implementing ABPs simulations - from concepts to GPUs, Part II[Video]
5/18, 12:15pm Cristina Marchetti
Active matter - why does it matter?
KITP Blackboard Lunch
5/19, 8:00am Julien Tailleur
Université Paris Diderot
Self-organization of bacterial mixtures using motility-regulation[Slides][Video]
5/20, 8:00am Andrej Kosmrlj
Tutorial: Introduction to finite element method with FEniCS[Video]
5/20, 8:00am Axel Voigt
TU Dresden
Tutorial: Solving Landau-de Gennes model a curved surface by finite elements[Video]
5/21, 8:00am Federico Toschi
The dynamics of human crowds[Video]
5/22, 8:00am Max Bi
Jacob Notbohm
(UW Madison)
Fluidity, jamming and glassy behavior in epithelial tissues[Slides][Video]

5/26, 8:00am David Nelson
Active Antagonism: Reproducing Microorganisms and Fluid Flow[Slides][Video]
5/27, 8:00am Rastko Sknepnek
(University of Dundee)
Daniel Matoz-Fernandez
(University of Dundee)
Tutorial: Implementing an Active Brownian Particle simulation - from concepts to GPUs, Part III[Video]
5/28, 8:00am Sriram Ramaswamy
Indian Institute of Science
The feeling isn't mutual: non-reciprocality in polar, elastic and chiral active matter[Video]
5/29, 8:00am All Participants Sum-up and final discussion, moderated by the coordinators.
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