KITP Conference: Flux tubes, Quark Confinement and Exotic Hadrons
(Jan 18-24, 2022)
Coordinators: Monica Guica, Marek  Karliner, Igor R. Klebanov, and Pedro Vieira

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Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022

8:50am Lars Bildsten (KITP) Welcome[Video][CC]
9:00am Andreas Athinodorou (Cyprus Inst.) The flux tube spectrum and the world-sheet axion[Video][CC]
9:40am Jaume Gomis (Perimeter Inst.) Infrared Dynamics of QCD Theories[Video][CC]
10:20am Zoltan Fodor (Penn State) (g-2)m from lattice QCD and experiments: 4.2 sigma?[Video][CC]
10:55am Break
11:10am Zohar Komargodski (SCGP)
Simeon Hellerman (Kavli IPMU)
Discussion: Strings and EFT[Video][CC]

Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022

9:00am Davide Gaiotto (Perimeter Inst.) 1-form symmetries and the phase diagram of Yang Mills theory?[Video][CC][Chat]
9:40am Victor Gorbenko (EPFL) On the worldsheet theory of confining flux tubes[Video][CC]
10:20am John McGreevy (UCSD) Mean String Field Theory and the lower critical dimension[Video][CC][Chat]
10:55am Break
11:10am Luis Kruczenski (Purdue)
Vladimir Kazakov (ENS Paris)
Discussion: Bootstrap in matrix models and lattice Yang-Mills theory[Slides][Video][CC][Chat]

Thursday, Jan 20, 2022

9:00am Atsushi Hosaka (Osaka U) Tetraquarks QQ'q*q*' in a quark model[Slides][Video][CC]
9:40am Arkady Tseytlin (Imperial College) Wilson loops and RG flow on line defect[Slides][Video][CC]
10:20am Michele Caselle (U Turin) Lattice determination of confining string contributions in the (2+1) dimensional SU(2) LGT[Slides][Video][CC]
10:55am Break
11:10am Marina Krstic Marinkovic (ETH Zurich) Discussion: Lattice Gauge Theory[Video][CC]

Friday, Jan 21, 2022

9:00am Feng Kun Guo (CAS)
Tomasz Skwarnicki (Syracuse)
Discussion: Theoretical understanding of heavy-flavor exotic hadrons[Slides][Video][CC]
10:00am Break
10:15am Giancarlo Rossi (Uni. Roma II) Tetra-quarks, penta-quarks and exotics - Old and new views[Video][CC][Chat]
10:55am Jon Rosner (U. Chicago) Flux Tubes and Exotic Particles[Slides][Video][CC]
11:35am Benjamin Basso (ENS Paris) Exotic limits of gluon amplitudes and flux tubes[Video][CC]

Monday, Jan 24, 2022

9:00am Silviu Pufu (Princeton) Exact degeneracies and screening vs. confinement in 2d models for QCD[Video][CC][Chat]
9:40am Cobi Sonnenschein (Tel Aviv U) HISH (holography inspired stringy hadron) model: spectra, decays and exotic hadrons[Video][CC][Chat]
10:20am Gabriel Cuomo (SCGP) Semiclassical limits of impurities and Wilson lines[Video][CC]
10:55am Break
11:10am Misha Shifman (FTPI)
Mithat Unsal (North Carolina State)
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