KITP Program: Muon Collider Workshop
(Feb 27 - Mar 10, 2023)
Coordinators: Nathaniel Craig, Sergo Jindariani, Federico Meloni, Isobel Ojalvo, and Andrea Wulzer

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Time Speaker Title
Monday, 2/27 Introduction & Overview of Muon Collider Efforts
2/27, 2:00pm Tao Han
University of Pittsburgh
Muon colliders at Snowmass and beyond[Video][CC]
Tuesday, 2/28 Precision Physics Case
2/28, 9:15am Dario Buttazzo
Precision Physics at a Muon Collider[Video][CC]
2/28, 11:15am Markus Luty
(UC Davis)
Da Liu
(UC Davis)
Primary Observables for Indirect Searches[Video][CC]
2/28, 2:00pm Nathaniel Craig
Markus Luty
(UC Davis)
Da Liu
(UC Davis)
Ian Low
(Argonne/Northwestern University)
Brian Henning
Discussion: Electroweak symmetry at high energies[Video][CC]
Wednesday, 3/01 New Physics Benchmarks & Signals
3/01, 9:15am Ian Low
Argonne/Northwestern University
Physics Benchmarks for Muon Colliders[Slides][Video][CC]
3/01, 11:15am Rodolfo Capdevilla
Signal Benchmarks for Muon Colliders[Slides][Video][CC]
3/01, 2:00pm Cari Cesarotti
Beam Dumps and Other Synergistic Detectors[Video][CC]
3/01, 3:00pm Maximilian Ruhdorfer
Very Forward Muon Detectors[Video][CC]
3/01, 4:00pm All Participants Discussion: Coordinating US Input to P5
Thursday, 3/02 Neutrino Synergies
3/02, 9:15am Marcos Dracos
IPHC-IN2P3/CNRS Strasbourg
The European Spallation Source neutrino Super Beam and muon synergies[Slides][Video][CC]
3/02, 11:15am Zahra Tabrizi
Northwestern University
Neutrino Synergies[Video][CC]
3/02, 2:00pm Scott Berg
Katsuya Yonehara
The State of Ionization Cooling[Video][CC]
Friday, 3/03 Muon Collider Theory Needs
3/03, 9:15am Andrea Wulzer
Electroweak Radiation Challenges & Opportunities[Slides][Video][CC]
3/03, 11:15am Keping Xie
(University of Pittsburgh)
Yang Ma
Electroweak Factorization at High-Energy Muon Colliders[Video][CC]
Monday, 3/06 Accelerator
3/06, 2:00pm Mark Palmer
Accelerator Overview[Video][CC]
Tuesday, 3/07 Detectors
3/07, 9:15am Zhen Liu
Physics requirements for the detector[Video]
3/07, 11:15am Daniele Calzolari
MDI and BIB mitigation[Video]
3/07, 2:00pm Roberto Franceschini
(Roma Tre)
Patrick Meade
(Stony Brook)
Michael Peskin
Liantao Wang
(U. Chicago)
Theory Panel: Opportunities & Open Questions[Video][CC]
Wednesday, 3/08 Detector++
3/08, 9:15am Lawrence Lee
How to Build a Detector at a Muon Collider[Slides][Video][CC]
3/08, 11:15am All Participants Discussion: Staging possibilities[Video]
3/08, 11:15am All Participants Discussion: Unique R&D Directions
3/08, 2:00pm Isobel Ojalvo
Discussion: Coordinating US Input to P5
Thursday, 3/09 Accelerator Technology
3/09, 9:15am Chris Rogers
Demonstrators overview[Video][CC]
3/09, 11:15am Sam Posen
US accelerator technology capabilities for MuC[Video][CC]
3/09, 2:00pm Patrick Meade
(Stony Brook)
Tova Holmes
Sustainability Study[Video][CC]
Friday, 3/10 Muon Accelerator Panel & Closeout
3/10, 9:00am Sergey Belomestnykh
Young-Kee Kim
(U. Chicago)
Michiko Minty
Mark Palmer
Tor Raubenheimer
Chris Rogers
Daniel Schulte
Vladimir Shiltsev
Muon Accelerator Panel[Protected][Video][CC]
3/10, 11:30am Karri Folan Di Petrillo
(U. Chicago)
Sergo Jindariani
Discussion: The Path Forward[Video][CC]
3/10, 2:00pm Spencer Gessner
Plasma Wakefield Acceleration[Video][CC]
3/10, 4:00pm Nima Arkani-Hamed
Muon Colliders[Video]
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