KITP Program: Neutrinos as a Portal to New Physics and Astrophysics
(Feb 14 - Apr 1, 2022)
Coordinators: Inés Gil Botella, Martha Constantinou, Alex Friedland, and Ian Shoemaker
Scientific Advisors: Francis Halzen and Emilie Passemar

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Time Speaker Title
2/16, 10:00 AM Stephen Parke
History and present state of oscillation measurements[Slides][Video]
2/17, 10:00 AM Robert Svoboda
UC Davis
Neutrons in DUNE[Slides][Video][CC]
2/17, 10:30 AM Shirley Li
The role of neutrons at DUNE: Simulations of GeV Physics[Slides][Video][CC]
2/18, 10:00 AM Adi Ashkenazi
Tel Aviv Univ.
Electron-nucleus scattering: measurements and radiative corrections (Part 1)[Slides][Video][CC]
2/18, 10:30 AM Sasha Tomalak
Radiative corrections in electron and neutrino scattering[Slides][Video][CC]
2/18, 11:00 AM Ryan Plestid
Electron-nucleus scattering: measurements and radiative corrections (Part 2)[Video]
2/22, 11:00 AM David Caratelli
UC Santa Barbara
Results from MicroBooNE[Slides][Video][CC]
2/22, 11:30 AM Omar Benhar
INFN and Sapienza Univ.
Towards a unified framework for the description of neutrino-nucleus interactions[Slides][Video][CC]
2/23, 10:00 PM Daniel Ruterbories
Results from MINERvA[Slides][Video][CC]
2/23, 10:30 AM Artur Ankowski
Electron-nucleus scattering data for DUNE[Slides][Video][CC]
3/02, 10:00 AM Andreas Kronfeld
Opportunities for lattice QCD and Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering[Slides][Video][CC]
3/02, 10:30 AM William Detmold
Feasibility of reliable lattice QCD estimates relevant to neutrino experiments[Slides][Video][CC]
3/03, 10:00 AM Keh-Fei Liu
Neutrino-Nucleon Scattering from the Hadronic Tensor using Lattice QCD[Slides][Video][CC]
3/03, 10:30 AM Constantia Alexandrou
Univ. of Cyprus
The axial form factor from twisted mass fermions in Lattice QCD[Slides][Video][CC]
3/04, 10:00 AM Rajan Gupta
The axial form factor from HISQ and clover fermions in Lattice QCD[Video][CC]
3/04, 10:30 AM Gunnar Bali
Univ. Regensburg
The axial form factor from improved Wilson fermions in Lattice QCD[Slides][Video][CC]
3/09, 10:00am Zahra Tabrizi
EFT with neutrinos[Slides][Video][CC]
3/09, 10:30am Vedran Brdar
Fermilab and Northwestern
MiniBooNE and MicroBooNE and new physics[Slides][Video][CC]
3/10, 10:00am Bhupal Dev
Washington University
Models of Novel Neutrino Interactions[Video]
3/10, 10:30am Julia Gehrlein
New neutrino interactions in oscillations and scattering[Slides][Video][CC]
3/11, 10:00am Yu Dai Tsai
Dark Sectors at the Neutrino Experiments, Observatories, and Symbiotic Detectors[Slides][Video][CC]
3/11, 10:30am Alexis Plascencia
Case Western
Neutrino-dark matter connections in gauge theories[Slides][Video][CC]
3/16, 10:00am Irina Mocioiu
Penn State
Atmospheric neutrino oscillations in IceCube DeepCore[Slides][Video][CC]
3/16, 10:30am Alfonso Andres Garcia
Constraining BSM physics with atmospheric neutrinos at IceCube[Slides][Video][CC]
3/17, 10:00am Carlos Arguelles
UHE neutrinos at IceCube[Slides][Video]
3/17, 10:30am Kohta Murase
Penn State
Models of UHE neutrino sources[Slides][Video]
3/18, 10:00am Akif Balantekin
Quantum Entanglement and Collective Oscillations of Astrophysical Neutrinos[Video]
3/18, 10:30am Ray Sawyer
Fast neutrino-flavor processes in the early universe, T> 15 MeV[Slides][Video]
3/23, 10:00am Shunsaku Horiuchi
Virginia Tech
The Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background[Slides][Video][CC]
3/23, 10:30am Luke Johns
Collective Neutrino Oscillations in Supernovae[Video][CC]
3/24, 10:00am Rebecca Surman
Notre Dame
Status of the r-process in astrophysical systems[Slides]
3/24, 10:30am Alexander Friedland
Conditions in the supernova hot bubble and the nu-p process[Video][CC]
3/28-31 Conference: Interdisciplinary Developments in Neutrino Physics
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