KITP Program: Quantum Materials With and Without Quasiparticles
(Aug 28 - Nov 10, 2023)
Coordinators: Lara Benfatto, Andrey Chubukov, Sean Hartnoll, and Dmitrii Maslov

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Time Speaker Title
8/29, 1:15pm Dmitrii Maslov
University of Florida
Organizational meeting: overview of the program
8/29, 1:30pm Sean Hartnoll
Cambridge University
Schedule for the week of 8/28
8/30, 1:15pm Jan von Delft
LMU Munchen
Fermi surface reconstruction and strange-metal behavior at a heavy-fermion quantum phase transition[Slides][Video][CC]
8/31, 1:15pm Han Ma
Perimeter Institute
Renormalization Group for Metals: field theory and experimental consequence[Video][CC]
9/01, 11:00am Dmitri Basov
Columbia University
Electron-photon quasiparticles in quantum materials[Embargoed]
9/01, 11:45am Amalia Coldea
Oxford University
Fermi surfaces of iron chalcogenide superconductors tuned by chemical and applied pressures[Slides][Video][CC]
9/05, 2:00pm All Participants Organizational meeting
9/05, 2:15pm Yuval Oreg
Weizmann Institute
Phenomenological Theory of Superconductivity and Correlated Insulators In TBG[Video][CC]
9/06, 2:00pm All Participants Discussion on the status of Planckian Bounds
9/07, 2:00pm Luca Delacretaz
U of Chicago
Bound on the local equilibration time from hydrodynamic fluctuations[Video][CC]
9/07, 2:45pm Debanjan Chowdhury
On the origin of Planckian transport in a high conductivity oxide[Video][CC]
9/11, 2:30pm All Participants Organizational meeting
9/12, 10:30am Assa Auerbach
Strange metallic transport of the strongly interacting Hubbard model and hard-core bosons[Slides][Video]
9/12, 11:15am Zachary Raines
University of Minnesota
Superfluid stiffness in Eliashberg theory: dynamic interactions and effective Galilean invariance[Video]
9/13, 2:00pm All Participants Discussion: Transport of interacting electrons: what is the theory telling us?
9/14, 10:30am Sankar Das Sarma
University of Maryland
What are quasiparticles?[Video][CC]
9/14, 11:15am Pavel Nosov
Two-dimensional non-Fermi liquids with quenched disorder[Video][CC]
9/15, 10:30am Revaz Ramazashvili
Texture-induced spin-orbit coupling and skyrmion-electron bound states in a NĂ©el antiferromagnet
5/15-5/18 Conference: Electron Correlations beyond the Quasiparticle Paradigm: Theory and Experiment
9/25, 2:30pm All Participants Organizational meeting followed by round table on Gender and Diversity in Physics
9/26, 10:30am Dragana Popovic
Unveiling the Physics of Cuprates Using Transport at High Magnetic
9/26, 11:15am Daniel Antonenko
Superconductivity suppression in disordered films: Interplay of two-dimensional diffusion and three-dimensional ballistics
9/27, 2:00pm All Participants Discussion: Superconductivity beyond BCS
9/28, 10:30am Michele Fabrizio
Landau?s Fermi liquids with hidden quasiparticles at Luttinger surfaces
9/28, 11:15am Giorgio Sangiovanni
U of Wurzburg
Mott insulators with boundary zeros
9/29, 10:30am All Participants TBA
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